Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We're Back!

Hey Everyone! Sorry we haven't written in much too long, but we have been hard @ work helping to make Senator McCain the nominee for the Republican Party! GREAT JOB EVERYONE, WE DID IT! Everyone thought we were down and out, but we kept going and here we are! Now we have to continue our hard work to ensure that Senator McCain is the next president of the United States! So what can you do? LOTS! Here are a few ideas:

- Call your local party & ask how you can help within your community: we all know how important Michigan is!
- Go to www.johnmccain.com and sign up to find more information!
- If you are in school, look around Facebook and ask your friends about a local Students for McCain chapter at your school.
- DONATE! As we all know, this campaign is historically expensive, at www.johnmccain.com you can donate $. Every dollar helps!
- Tell your family/friends about Senator McCain and why YOU think he should be the next President of the United States.
- Encourage your friends to be sure to register to vote! November will be here before we know it!
- Check back to the blog for more information.
- *If you are a student at Michigan State University, BE SURE to join the Facebook Group MSU Students for McCain where information will be sent out & PLEASE invite your friends!.*
- If you are an MSU student and have a question, please e-mail msustudentsformccain@gmail.com- Contact your local College Republicans group for more information.

Thanks for your patience everyone! Please be sure to recruit your friends and leave your comments! McCain '08!