Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Obama finally makes it to Michigan to "discuss" our ecnomic issues...

There is much to say about Obama's most recent trip to Michigan. This is his thrid trip to our state since May after refusing to acknowledge our state for over a year.

Our MIGOP Chair Saul Anuzis sums up Barack's attitude on Michigan fairly well:

"He refused to campaign here during the primary, he insulted our home-grown auto manufacturers, and he called us bitter because we go to church and like to hunt. I don’t know who’s advising Obama, but I am sure those things are not the top-three ways to win Michigan. Someone who can make such flippant comments certainly doesn’t have the experience or leadership to be our next commander in chief."

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In spite of the fact that Obama was greeted like a "rock star" in Michigan, he isn't doing much to redeem his negligence of our state.

I found a good Op-Ed in the Free Press that encompasses the attitude of many Michiganians:

"Obama tries to have it both ways on free trade issue"

"If Barack Obama really wants to sell his message of hope to American voters this November, he needs to stop treating us like pathetic victims unable to compete economically with people in Mexico or China."

Michigan McCainiacs: we need to get out there and spread our message, from the candidate who has traveling throughout Michigan holding town halls and talking with Michigan workers, not TO or above us.

Don't be fooled by people who say Obama is committed to Michigan because he is spending time here all of the sudden, now that he realizes how much he needs our state. His tour through Michigan does not make up for the year during which he completely forgot one of the most important parts of the country and economy.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Obama's "economic plan" Not Good For Michigan...

...or the rest of the country.

Detroit News: Editorial: Obama's economic plan deserves close scrutiny
June 14 2008


"The senator claims to be a free-trader, but he couches his language on trade in ways designed not to offend voters in industrialized states such as Michigan. He opposes the Central American Free Trade Agreement, a pact that could help America solidify its relationships in a worrisome part of the world, and says he would retool the North American Free Trade Agreement to make it more responsive to American labor concerns."


"Obama would also extend the Family and Medical Leave Act to smaller employers and says he will advocate for more personal leave for all workers. Those policies have the potential of moving the United States toward a European work force model, with its negative impact on productivity and economic output."