Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Aboard the Straight Talk Express!

The following are excerpts from an article Dana Milbank did for the Washington Post. The Senator opens up a bit and as always, cracks some jokes. I included the best parts-enjoy!

As the bus rolls on, Time magazine's Jay Carney reads out a headline from the Drudge Report: "TALK OF HILLARY EXIT."

"I don't believe that," McCain retorts immediately. "My favorite Drudge was when I had the walk-on role in 'Wedding Crashers.' . . . I log on to Drudge: 'MCCAIN STARS IN RAUNCHY BOOBS MOVIE.' So Leno called me up and said, 'I got a great response for you: In Washington, I get to work with boobs every single day.' "

Ladies and gentlemen, John McCain is back.
Left for dead when his campaign ran out of cash last summer, he returned to his endless town hall meetings and freewheeling talks on his campaign bus -- and he's risen to the top of the Republican primary polls in New Hampshire, just as he did eight years ago.

McCain's cellphone rings. It's Sen. Lindsey Graham calling, at 8:30 a.m. "What happened, you have a nightmare?" McCain says with mock concern. "What are you doing awake?"