Thursday, December 20, 2007

Will the real Romney please stand up?

In 2002, Mitt Romney was not only for campaign finance reform - he was a radical reformist. According to The Hill, in 2002:

“Mr. Romney campaigned in favor of clean elections, which provides public money to candidates for state office who meet strict fundraising requirements,” the Telegram & Gazette reported. “But he suggested an alternative funding method. Instead of providing campaign funds from state coffers, his plan would tap 10 percent of the fundraising of candidates who choose to raise money privately.”

Not radical enough for you? How about banning evil PACS? In 1994, Romney's "advocated on publicly advocated placing spending limits on congressional campaigns and abolishing political action committees (PACs)."

Fast foward to 2007 in South Carolina

Romney attacks McCain-Feingold and campaign finance reform at the debate hoping to score political points. Which led to this exchange: