Thursday, December 20, 2007

Maverick Unleashed

Sorry for the lack of postings. We are trying to get into the swing of things for summer. With '08 officially underway, MFM promises more regular postings in June.

In case you missed it, John McCain has come out swinging in the last few weeks at opponents from both sides of the aisle.....

On a blogger conference call last week, McCain blasted Romney for his attacks on the guest worker immigration plan. Agree or disagree on the contentious issue of immigration (I'll post this later), it is important for Republicans to debate issues and policies. Unfortunately, Mitt Romney has no immigration policy so he has resorted to attacks on McCain in order to score political points.

When asked on how he felt about Romney's criticisms towards his guest worker program, McCain told reporters, "In the case of Governor Romney, you know, maybe I should wait a couple of weeks and see if it changes, because it's changed in less than a year from his position before. And maybe his solution will be to get out his small-varmint gun and drive those Guatemalans off his lawn. I don't know," McCain said.


Then, on May 25, McCain chided Senator Clinton and Obama for there "No" votes on the Iraq War funding bill: "This vote may win favor with MoveOn and liberal primary voters, but it's the equivalent of waving a white flag to al Qaeda."

Senator Obama didn't take too kindly to the truth. Obama reiterated his disagreement with Republicans on the Iraq War and supported his claim by mocking McCain's recent trip to Iraq: "And if there ever was a reflection of that it's the fact that Senator McCain required a flack jacket, ten armored Humvees, two Apache attack helicopters, and 100 soldiers with rifles by his side to stroll through a market in Baghdad just a few weeks ago."

So what's a Maverick to do? Reload and fire away..

"While Senator Obama's two years in the U.S. Senate certainly entitle him to vote against funding our troops, my service and experience combined with conversations with military leaders on the ground in Iraq lead me to believe that we must give this new strategy a chance to succeed because the consequences of failure would be catastrophic to our nation's security. ""By the way, Senator Obama, it's a 'flak' jacket, not a 'flack' jacket."

Zing! Some may dislike McCain's style and approach but I for one enjoy his candor and no-holds-bar approach. Keep it coming Johnny!